Galactic Priestess Mystery School

Six-month course and accompaniment to embody your potential as a star seed and galactic priestess, to be initiated as a GALACTIC PRIESTESS.

Many people are afraid to go deeper into their galactic connection for fear of being unanchored from the earth, or do not know how to connect with their feminine side, a galactic priestess goes as deep as she wants, our role is to integrate, to anchor the galactic on earth.

Do you resonate with this?

-I receive many flashes, ideas about my mission, I know I have a specific mission, but I don't know which one, I don't know how to deliver what I came to deliver and I would like the company of someone who has already gone through it to know what to focus on more specific.

-Sometimes I feel that I live in alignment with my potential, with my soul, but this fluctuates a lot, there are days when I feel in tune with my soul and days when I am not, and these fluctuations make it difficult for me to return to my axis or center, I want to learn to work with my emotions without bypassing them, but maintaining neutrality.

-I want to understand myself better, know my psychic abilities, unlock them and trust what I perceive and receive.

-I receive many messages in dreams, I have seen loving blue beings, I have visions of places outside the earth, but nothing is clear, I am ready to identify them, give them a name and learn how they relate to my current life, how to integrate it into my daily life. day.

-I feel that I could know much more about my galactic lineage and connect more directly with my galactic family, without losing the thread, but I don't know how.

-I want clarity, to receive a galactic knowledge base, an explanation from scratch, what I am, how this reality works, galactic history from the beginning, to meet different interdimensional beings, what missions each one has.

-I am interested in galactic history, but it feels messy, the information is confusing and different from each other, I would like a base or structure, you have to look for information in different places and I feel that I am not getting anywhere, also, I am afraid of going too deep I'm afraid of disengaging from this reality.

-I would like to connect more with the energy of the divine feminine, but I feel resistance or I don't know how to do it, I would like to have the tools to do it on my own and not depend on an external group, I feel a disconnection from the divine feminine and a disconnection from my body physical. They tell me that I should flow more, release more, but I don't know how to do it in practice.

-I feel that it is my moment to serve my mission from love, not from pressure, judgment, MUST DO or restrictive mandates.

- I want to interact with other star seeds in a safe space, free of judgement, to be accompanied during this process.

And finally…

-I have done a lot of shadow work and I am ready to discover myself and show myself in my light.

Themes and pillars

1) Discover your specific mission and put yourself at the service (galactic lineage self-knowledge, psychic abilities, akashic records).

2) Living in balance without so many ups and downs, aligned on a day-to-day basis (kundalini and emotions), merkaba and the spiritual science.

3) Galactic arts for starseeds (group regressions, group experimentation, guided trips in consciousness with frequencies, ET contact, the practice of starseeds, information about interdimensional beings plus connecting with different galactic typologies experientially).

4) Priestess arts (rituals, divine feminine, pendulum, body practices, priestesses of the rose).

5) Galactic priestess (Isis, Ankh, calculating galactic portals, galactic priestess rituals, group ceremonies, magic with stars, embodiment practices and prayers in motion, light language, dance with different stellar beings, reading galactic lineages, thoroughly understanding your galactic birth chart).

6) Integrate this into your day to day without separation, always be you.

gems included:

-Galactic Priestess Rituals

-Magic with stars

-Kundalini energy guide

-Guide psychic abilities

-Activities and notification of portals of different galactic beings (eg days of alignments with Pleiades)

-Initiation as a galactic priestess

Included Bonuses

-Galactic astrology plus 15D akashic records reading (valued at 350usd) because we will work with it during the course

-Certification in akashic records for star seeds Avatar Level 15D (galactic history and its structure, we will go deep into spiritual science)

Course structure

-This is an online course, which will be supported by videos uploaded to the platform, PDFs and zoom sessions every two weeks, for six months, and will be recorded, we will do group exercises, rituals, circle activities.

-Includes final initiation as a galactic priestess

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