Galactic Priestess Mystery School

Ready for being a bridge between humanity and the stars?

This is a training for you to embody your potential as a priestess and starseed through the galactic priestess arts and the divine feminine.

At the end of this journey you are going to live as a priestess, doing rituals, ceremonies on your day to day, connected to the stars, you are going to feel confident about who you are (including starseed and priestess aspects) and about your mission on earth (as related with the pink rose), you are going to feel confident and taking steps for your unique mission, you are going to feel held and deeply loved by HER. You are going to feel free to be your most authentic self, safe to shine, to let all those aspects shine through, walk peacefully and strong in that knowing in the everyday life, you are going to walk into the divine power that lives inside of yourself and in full acceptance of who you are


The journey

We create a solid foundation within yourself, your daily practices, working with merkaba, energetic field, meditation practice and psychic gifts, then you become familiar and recognize your inner aspects as starseed first, then as priestess of the rose, then you learn how to integrate them, how to bring them out and make them bigger, then you embody the galactic priestess, you retrieve your gifts on an even bigger way, you work with rituals and ceremonies, then, you connect to source, you live as a priestess in your day to day.

Do you resonate with this?

1)I feel that even though I know sort of what I would like to work with I still feel blocks in me, that I don´t know how to reach out and maybe I don´t dare to step into it fully and I don’t trust myself to develop my gifts enough to be able to give the kind of service I want. I have not gotten to the moment in which all the sudden things start clicking and becoming full circle.

I feel that I should break through something that I don´t know really what it is, and I don’t know that is that I am supposed to look to in the other side, I just feel that this old version of me is not working, and I need to step into something more and I feel uncomfortable and don’t know how to move. Some days I feel like why I came to earth, and the other day I feel like yes of course I know why I am here.

I feel the inner calling to expand, to level up, I have this knowledge, experience, but I am scared to put myself out there, I am feeling in between, how I turn this thing that I am passionate about into something that could be income. (This is deep pink rose healing).

I would like to feel more the support from someone in the same journey, someone who has gone through these things.

2) I have heard from channelers, hypnotherapists etc, that I am a starseed and or priestess, but I have not seen or remembered it myself yet, I would like to anchor my own vision and my own connection through myself. Reading about starseed origins and learning about my own origins has activated more parts of me, but still I fell there is so much more to remember and activate, I know there is a lot more to be revealed regarding my starseed origins, priestesses past lives.

I know that I am here to bring what I already have inside of me, but I need to recall more of that first (this lifetime is for me to bring my gifts to the world, without pressure, without having to prove anything.)

3) I feel a burden, heaviness, physical responsibilities, like I am charging a lot of emotional burdens BY MY OWN, I know this lifetime is the one where this must stop. (Let HER help you with that and hold you).

I know the feminine aspect is deeply important and I am willing to connect more with her, though I don´t know exactly how to embody it more. They tell me that I should flow more, release more, but I do not know how to do it. I am feeling the priestess calling and I want to connect more with HER. I would like to connect more with the energy of the divine feminine, but I feel resistance, I would like to have the tools to do it on my own and not depend on an external group, I feel a disconnection from the divine feminine and a disconnection from my physical body and/or creative blockages.

4) This is a part of me that is mostly hidden, I am afraid of being seen , I have a lot of wounding around it (this relates with persecution wound, and relates directly with the pink rose, if you have experienced this, this is your place), I feel judged for who I am at my core. I want to dare to shine more of my light I keep myself small.

5) I am pulled on many different directions, and it is hard for me to have a daily practice or routine, I don´t have a steady meditation practice , I would like to receive something that would be easy to stick to, it would be nice to get the help to kind of switch it on, like activations, also, I find it hard to be still in the meditative state so that I don’t actually feel these thoughts running around, I don’t know if I should allow the thoughts, how to move them through.

I know a have a mission but first I need to heal and for that I need time, and know I just need time, It is hard for me to experience fluidity because of my lifestyle (working job, kids) I flow in and out but I want to flow more into this space, into this work.

I know that a daily practice of energy clearing is non-negotiable and a practice of connection to the divine but I don’t have that on place now, I only do things when I feel overwhelm, I feel that I need to learn the regular practices I need with my body every day, so that I can stay in a better flow and experience more lightness. I feel tired, I am sensitive to changes in energy and what is going on around me and in the collectives, sometimes I don´t know what to do.

6) I tend to get all this amazing information through my clairs and I keep telling myself I am making this up, when it comes to my psychic gifts, I put the wall so high up that I feel is hard to step over it and believe in myself.

7) I like the balance of connecting with different archetypes, beings, goddesses and at the same time, connecting directly to source.

8) I would like to connect more with alike people, because my friends, community, etc, sometimes don´t have the knowledge or resonance to bounce ideas regarding these topics. I would like to be part of a community that I resonate with.

9) I am interested in galactic history, but it feels messy, the information is confusing and different from each other, I am not getting anywhere, also, I am afraid of going too deep I'm afraid of disengaging from this reality.


Themes and pillars

1) Discover your specific mission and create safe pillars before being of service (galactic lineage self-knowledge, psychic abilities, akashic records, learn what your gifts are and how to tap on them, how to protect your energy so that you are not targeted.

2) Work with spiritual science, kundalini, merkaba dynamics, energy field, the pillar of light, how to direct your energy, create a routine with meditations, body prayer, that you can adapt for yourself and lifestyle, this training adapts to you (because you know that this is more about of alignment than waiting for the perfect time, or waiting for x thing to happen).

3) Galactic arts for starseeds (group regressions, group experimentation, guided projections of consciousness and plasma body with frequencies, ET contact, the practice of starseeds, information about interdimensional beings plus connecting with different galactic typologies experientially, learn about the history, over time and how is affecting the collective right now).

4) Priestess arts (rituals, divine feminine, pendulum, body practices, priestesses of the rose, rose ceremonies, Venus).

5) Galactic priestess arts (working with Isis, the Ankh, calculating galactic portals, galactic priestess rituals, group ceremonies, magic with stars, embodiment practices and movement prayer including Orion and Lyra, light language, dance, or body prayer with different star beings, reading galactic lineages, thoroughly understanding your galactic birth chart).

6) Integrate this into your day to day and not live in separation, always be your most authentic self.

7) Be part of a lovely group (Priestesses from my past training have collaborated with each other, helping each other with akashic records readings, to trust more on what they receive, always when it feels authentic, without pressure)

8) Communion with God, work with the galactic from the christ stream.

Included Bonuses

-Galactic astrology reading (because we will work with it). (valued at 290 usd)

-Certification in 15D Cosmic Akashic Records for starseeds (galactic history and its structure,we will go deep into spiritual science). (Course valued at 444 usd).


Course structure

-This is an online course, which will be supported by videos uploaded to the platform, PDFs and zoom sessions ,, we will do group exercises, rituals, circle activities.

-You will have immediate access to the Akashic records material and to your reading.

-Includes final initiation and ordination as a galactic priestess.

You can enter at any moment, at the same time, I always follow God´s guidance to know which days to hold zoom calls, usually one or two per month.


-1600 usd (one payment) or,

-3 payments of 566 usd, or,

6 payments of 283 usd


Please notice, if you choose 6 payments, you can write me to receive your reading after the second month is paid. You will have immediate access to the 15D Cosmic Akashic Records course and the rest of the school

If you choose the plan with installments you are not allowed to leave the school or stop the payments before completing them, when you sign up for this programs, your whole life moves. Decide now that you are going to complete this and make the most of it. By signing up you are agreeing with this terms.
Always ask God if is his will for you to sign up for this training, if that is the case, you will be provided for.

With love, Valeria

IG: @galactic.priestess


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