The Course

Week 1/Stargate 1: Orion Nebula

Week 2/Stargate 2: Eridanus & Venus

Week 3/Stargate 3: Alpha Centauri

Week 4/Stargate 4: Sun, solar beings & Mars

Week 5/Stargate 5: Alcyone, Pleiades

Week 6/Stargate 6: Sirius A, Sirius B

Week 7/Stargate 7: Arcturus

Week 8/Stargate 8: Mintaka & Polaris

Week 9/Stargate 9: Almach & Mirach, Andromeda

Week 10/Stargate 10: Vega

Week 11/Stargate 11: Sheliak, Lyra

Week 12/Stargate 12: Aramatena, Lyra

Week 13: Complete sequence for 12 stargates together, corrected sacred geometry

Week 14: Integration + surprises, corrected sacred geometry

Ready to heal your 12 inner stargates + retrieve gifts and lives from 12+ galactic groups?

Each Week includes: Galactic Body Prayer Practice for embodiment, transmission from the star systems/stargates and attunement, information about stargates and galactic systems, activation, corrected sacred geometry in movement, chants for each stargate and more.

Dates: August 4th-November 3

When: 1 sunday per week

Replays will be available on the platform, we will met on zoom

This is delivered in a bilingual way, this means in the same class I will explain everything in english and spanish, integration of both languages is important for the new earth.

Attuning your essence with Cosmic Rhythms

Igniting inner starlight through sacred movement

The intergalactic journey of your soul <3


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